Young Soloist Statewide music competition

Lori Kissinger’s ORCO 3250 class will once again coordinate the Young Soloist Statewide music competition. The event will be Friday, Feb. 2 from 7-8:30pm in the Wright Music Building, Hinton Music Hall, and it is free and open to the public.  A flyer for the event is attached.  Any assistance you can give in promotion will be greatly appreciated.
Some interesting notes for this year:
1) In 2017, Tennessee had its first International Young Soloist winner.  He won at our State competition here at MTSU in 2016 and will be performing as a guest performer at the event.
2) One of our hosts is a past International Young Soloist winner who is poised right now for a record contract. We are hoping that this deal will be made and can be announced at our event.
3) The other host for the evening is a TN State Representative (Terri Lynn Weaver).  The Rep is going to perform an original song.
4) We had a speech student in the fall of 2016 that got involved with Borderless Arts and has been very active in the organization using her musical talents.  She is a music industry major and does not have a disability.  However, due to her connections to the program, she will open the evening with one of her original songs.
 Lori Kissinger
(615) 210-8819 

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