MTSU is proud to announce the launch of the new Safe Zone website! Through this site, any member of the MTSU community will be able to register for one of our voluntary Safe Zone Trainings each semester. Trainings are free and open to all MTSU administrators, faculty, staff, and students.
Please feel free to visit the site and register for a Training here:
About the Safe Zone Program:
Register for a Safe Zone Training
Through this website, members of the MTSU community will be able to review basic information about the program. There is an online Registration form that anyone at MTSU (Faculty, staff, student, or administrator) may use to register for any of our upcoming trainings. Currently there is three Safe Zone trainings planned for the remainder of this semester, and new training dates on the form will be updated as future Safe Zone trainings are scheduled.
The scheduled training dates for this semester are Feb 14, March 13, and March 28. You may register for one of these trainings here:
Request a Safe Zone Training
MTSU has also created an online form specifically for departmental or office use. In the event that a MTSU department or office would like the Intercultural and Diversity Affairs Center to schedule a group training for their department, they may now submit their request through the Safe Zone website!
*Please note, only Administrators, Faculty, or Staff members may request a training through this form.
How can you help?
·        If you have not yet attended a Safe Zone training at MTSU, please visit the link above and register for a Training today.
·        Please share the Safe Zone website with your peers and encourage them to register in an upcoming Training.
·        If you are interested in becoming a Safe Zone Trainer, but you have not yet attended a Safe Zone Training, please consider registering for the Feb 14 training.
All Trainers must first attend a general Safe Zone Training prior to being trained as a Trained, and we will be hosting our first Trainer training after Feb 14th.

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