“Cultural literacy and the contributions of neuroscience are of the utmost importance to the field of education. Educators do not work with students day in and day out that have the same culture as each other or as the educators themselves … nor do educators work with students having the same cognitive processing abilities as each other even if their chronological ages are the same. As a result, differences as well as similarities need to be recognized, understood, and celebrated so that respect and understanding may increase and enhance the teaching – learning process within our diverse classrooms.”
Dr. Barbara Newman Young, Program Coordinator & Advisor, EdS – C/I – CC/LP.

The MTSU Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) degree Major in Curriculum and Instruction offers a Specialization in Culture, Cognition, and the Learning Process (CC/LP). This unique 30-hour, online degree program provides students with an opportunity to consider the impact and influence of educational neuroscience, cultural circumstances, and psychology on teaching and learning.


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