The Education Specialist  Degree Program at MTSU with Specialization in Culture, Cognition, and the Learning Process was the perfect opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and understanding while being able to continue in my professional role in education as a School Social Worker and College Access Advisor. The population of students in our schools is becoming increasingly diverse, and I found that the course work in this specific graduate program opened my eyes to the challenges that our students face and gave me the practical tools to walk alongside my students and empower them to overcome challenges and reach their goals. This program also inspired me to take a deep look inside myself and the educational system around me to evaluate cultural bias in order to be a change agent in creating a space where all children can succeed. I also came away with a deeper understanding of the brain and how to create an optimal learning environment for my students to flourish.

I felt that the online format was not only perfect for fitting into my busy schedule of a working mother, but also afforded me the opportunity to make my learning relevant. The topics we were studying applied directly to my practice with students, and I was able to implement my learning immediately. Also, Dr. Young’s curriculum design for online class format was surprisingly interactive. I felt that I really got to know my classmates and Dr. Young through online discussion and frequent and specific feedback.

The course work was challenging and required a high level of self-determination and organization, but the insights and practical skills I gained were so worth the late nights working on course work after the kids went to bed! I have already recommended this program to many colleagues and feel confident that the experiences I’ve had in this program will serve to make me a more effective educator.

Jennifer Tedder
College  and Career Access Advisor
The Howard School
Chattanooga, TN

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As a graduate student at Middle Tennessee State University currently enrolled in the Educational Specialist Online Degree Program, Specialization in Culture, Cognition, and the Learning Process, I was able to study culture and cognition in a variety of classes which have propelled my desire to research education trends. In particular, my research has evolved to focus on the impact of social media and technology on bullying.

Although the work has been challenging, my desire for knowledge inspires me nightly to continue my studies and research further into entering a doctoral program. The experiences within the EdS online classes at MTSU provided me with a solid foundation and opportunity to enhance my understanding of higher education, not only in an elementary, middle and high school administrator setting, but also in a collegial one.

This program has been especially beneficial with my work as headmaster in an extremely diverse boarding school environment. The diversity classes allowed me to develop a new empathy and deeper relationships with my students. Furthermore, Dr. Young created a program that allowed me to improve in my daily work.

She has been extremely diligent and timely in all her correspondence within the classes and as an academic advisor. I gained a tremendous amount of information from the program. I found various courses’ content and supplemental readings beneficial with regard not only to theory but also to application in my daily practice as an administrator and teacher.

Tabetha Sullens
Graduate Student / EdS / MTSU
Middle School Headmaster / Instructor
The Webb School
Bell Buckle, TN 37020
Common Sense Certified Educator: Digital Citizenship

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Teachers today walk into classrooms that parallel the demographic and cultural changes found in the world at large. In today’s educational mirror, each moment in our day is filled with reflections of new theories and norms much different from our younger surroundings.  Our classrooms are filled with a bright array of languages and expectations from many cultures. This Educational Specialist Degree with Specialization in Culture, Cognition, and the Learning Process has given me a perfect view from the past to our future. For me, this Ed.S. degree celebrates each human being where she/he is, combining teaching methods with social and cognitive applications of how we learn. I found each course truly inspiring. I especially appreciated the Brain-Based Learning, Multicultural Education, and Human Learning curriculum emphasis of the Culture, Cognition, and Learning Process Specialization. Each of Dr. Young’s classes helped me to see with fresh eyes. The program’s in-depth class offerings have given me tools to further my research toward equality and individual inclusion. I believe this program to be a lens, showing me many mindful opportunities to share and learn from my life’s journeys.

Rita Jane Jones
Graduate  /  MTSU

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