Rita Jones / Fall 2017

Teachers today walk into classrooms that parallel the demographic and cultural changes found in the world at large. “In today’s educational mirror, each moment in our day is filled with reflections of new theories and norms much different from our younger surroundings,” says Rita Jane Jones, a student pursuing MTSU’s Culture, Cognition, and the Learning Process specialization in Curriculum and Instruction (CC/LP). “Our classrooms are filled with a bright array of languages and expectations from many cultures.” Jones explains further that the program is giving her “a perfect view from the past to our future. For me, this Ed.S. degree celebrates each human being where she/he is, combining teaching methods with social and cognitive applications of how we learn. I find each course truly inspiring. I especially appreciate the Brain-Based Learning, Multicultural Education, and Human Learning curriculum. Each of these classes helps me see with fresh eyes.” The program’s in-depth class offerings have given her tools to further her research toward equality and individual inclusion, Jones says. “I believe this program to be a lens, showing me many mindful opportunities to share and learn from each of our journeys.”