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Dr. Barbara N. Young is professor of Educational Leadership in the College of Education, Department of Educational Leadership, Middle Tennessee State University, located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Dr. Barbara Young is a motivating and talented professor driven to inspire students to pursue academic and personal excellence. Dr. Young strives to create a challenging and engaging virtual learning classroom environment in which students become life-long scholars and learners. Her  professional career experience includes K-12 teaching as well as university level onsite and online teaching experience. She also is a certified online instructor and certified faculty developer.

Dr. Barbara Young, program director and professor in the Womack Educational Leadership Department, pursues research and work that further the goals of the Ed.S. degree with Specialization in Culture, Cognition, and the Learning Process. Along with Dr. Laura Clark, Dr. Young implemented a Tennessee Board of Regents Student Engagement, Retention, and Success grant for the 2016-17 academic year  which established La Comunidad.

Recent Publications

Young, B. & Snead, D. (2017). Saudi Arabian international male graduate students lived initial immersion experiences interacting and studying within a mixed-gender, non-segregated society for the first time. International Journal of Learning, Teaching, and Educational Research, 16(6), 101-111.

Young, B. & Gutierrez-Moncaleano, M. (2017). Biological, psycho-social, and academic context challenges faced by one South American graduate student during the initial acculturation process. Tennessee Educational Leadership Online Journal. Fall(2017).

Young, B. & Clark, L. (2017). Cultural adjustment experiences as experienced by Saudi women graduate student studying for the first time in a mixed-gender environment at a US university.  Journal of Education and Social Policy, 4(2).

Young, B. & Snead, D. (2017). Saudi Arabian international graduate students’ lived experiences at a U.S. university. Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 13(2), 39-44.

Young, B., & Clark, L.  (2012). The Murfreesboro mosque: To build or not to build? Oxford University Forum on Public Policy: Journal of the Oxford Round Table, 12(2).


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